University Of Akron Introduces eSports Scholarship Program

The University of Akron based in Akron, Ohio has introduced a new eSports program who will be eligible for scholarships and will initially involve 30 to 35 students. The students enrolled in the program will have to follow the same rules that students on sports scholarships have to follow such as tryouts, practice schedules and even wearing uniforms. This is big news as the University of Akron is the first public university in Ohio to introduce an eSports scholarship. Other universities in Ohio that have introduced an eSports program lately are Tiffin Universitiy, Lourdes University, and Ohio State University.

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The University of Akron officials said “The University of Akron and its students will benefit significantly from the creation of an eSports program,” President Matthew Wilson said in a news release. “Embracing eSports allows the University to continue attracting top students while providing an innovative pathway for students to flourish academically, socially and professionally.”

The game that the students enrolled in the eSports program will have to play will be League of Legends with eSport tournament organizer Michael Fay Jr. in charge.

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