War On Drugs In Philippines Hurting The eSport Scene

The so called ‘War On Drugs’ taking place in the Philippines under the leadership of the current president of the Philippines Rodrigo Dueterte is hurting the countries eSport scene. In the Philippines, eSport players are now classified as athletes meaning they now need to take drug tests for marijuana and also meth, marijuana is legal in the Philippines but only for medical reasons. What this means is players coming from other countries where weed is legal to smoke even for non-medical purposes could now face heavy fines and even prison time if they go to play in the Philippines. This resulted in Galaxy Battles 2 being pulled from the Majors on the Pro Circuit by Valve.

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Weed or meth offer no competitive benefit to players but its banned in the Philippines, and according to data 12 out of 91 players that were set to compete in the Philippines came from nations that legalized recreational use of weed and its hard to predict how many smoke weed or other drugs regards of the laws in their country. We are not supporting drug use but just raising the issue of the strict drug laws in the Philippines where drugs in your system (can be from two weeks to more than a month )can result in you getting severely punished and will make the Philippines a very unattractive place to host eSport tournaments..

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