Over A Year Old Overwatch Bug Yet To Be Fixed

Blizzard games are infamous for bugs, but this Overwatch bug is taking things to another level. For a big game like Overwatch to have a bug as bad as this for this long it simply baffling and it is not the first with another bug known as the Doomfist bug that took months of players complaining before Blizzard resolved it in a patch.

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The bug however that we are going to be talking about is the Hanzo Sonic Arrow in Mystery Heroes mode, the glitch works by a team having a ‘leaver’ on their team after the timer is up, and the result is that in the next game you will lose a lot of SR points if you lose the next game and gain very very little SR points if you win the next game. Which as you can guess is very frustrating to players, one Reddit user was even noted as saying that he lost 50 SR points after losing a game due to the bug. This is a very big problem as climbing in the ranks (with many players hoping to reach competitive) being already hard enough and thanks to this bug which has existed pretty much since the game was released are yet to be fixed despite the fact that it isn’t something extraordinary hard to correct.

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