Phrases and Terms all Gamers Have Used



At its prime, the word “noob” was the most used slang term amongst the gaming community, seeing particularly high usage with multiplayer titles. What better way to quickly get under the skin of your opponent than by calling them a rookie player that has no talent whatsoever. So much in fact, that the person using the term is implying that they are far superior to the peon it’s aimed at.



The word “owned” implies that you so murderously outclassed (and likely killed) the other player that you in a sense “own” them for being so horrifically terrible at the game. This word carries a little more aggression than noob, and is commonly used to turn up the heat in an attempt to get a rise out of the enemy player or team.

Rage Quit


It’s happened to all of us at least once in our gaming careers. It’s not specific to multiplayer titles, this can happen in any game. When you get so mad at a player, ally, or even AI opponent that you simply have to exit the game and walk away (hopefully with everything still intact), you have officially been labeled a rage quitter. There is no sweeter feeling that getting an enemy player to rage quit.



Not having any luck aimlessly running around the map and hoping that your reaction time and internet speed can fire off your virtual bullets first? Worry not, instead you can pitch a tent and catch enemies off guard with a nice round to the back. Camping is the act of sitting in a corner or other seldom searched spot and waiting for enemies to run by so you can kill them with great ease. While it’s an often frowned upon playstyle, camping can really help with that pathetic KDR.


Very similar to owned, but with a slight variation. The word “pwned” actually carries a degree higher of dominance and condescendence. Being on the receiving end of this word is enough to irk even the most stalwart gamer and tempt their resolve. If someone is about to rage quit, this word can often be used as the final straw to push them over the edge.



Standing for “away from keyboard”, if you’ve played any MMORPG title, this word has sucked a few hours from your life. The beauty of this word as that it has no time implication. Hell, they could be away for dinner, a bathroom break, or hours on end because they had to go to work and forgot to mention it to the group!

Lag (or Laggy)


More often than not, the user of this word was not experiencing true “lag”, they just suck so bad at the game they have nothing else to blame their failure on. Even if you didn’t mean to, just about everyone has blamed some kind of in game defeat to the all inclusive lag. It technically implies that the player, or hosts, internet speed is so bad that it’s affecting their ability to play well. Yeah, okay.



Yep, what the f***. This word sees use when the player is so dumbfounded as to how they died or some other negative event, that they can’t seem to think of any other words. It can also be used if a supposed ally turns on their team and kills/compromises the goal. This is often the starting point of a mental unraveling that can result in rage quitting.

Leet (1337)


Taken and ripped from its hacking roots, the word “Leet” made its way into the gaming community as a way that players would describe their level of mastery. Commonly used by gamers that have failed in every other aspect of life (and likely live in the basement of their mom’s house), they turn to their gaming skills to try and establish some kind of status or respect from other gamers due to their superior prowess.



“Grinding” means to level a character or search for superior loot usually with the use of repetitive in-game acts (ie. running dungeons, missions, etc.). Often times you will see this word used by gamers that seem to be implying they are “grinding” like it’s some kind of job. This happens when the player decides that in-game gear and currency is more precious than natural bodily needs. Some even find the process of grinding therapeutic.

Spawn Kill


While not seem so much in games these days, Call of Duty was the absolute worst when it came to spawn killing. Spawn killing means that one team has dominated the other so badly that they were able to set up at all of the spawning points on the map, effectively killing enemy players as soon as they appear. This technique was so effective that it was not uncommon for entire teams to rage quit.

Kill Steal


Whether it was on purpose or not, you’ve more than likely killed an enemy player that a fellow teammate was actively targeting. When you’re the actual kill stealer, there’s a certain sense of accomplishment followed by a disregard whatever effort your teammate exerted to assist in the kill. Having your kill stolen, especially if done multiple times in a single match means one of two things. You suck and need to get better, or your teammate is intentionally screwing with you.

OP (Overpowered)


This phrase refers to a certain character or skill that is unbalanced from the rest. One of the best examples of an OP weapon would be the pistol from the original Halo game. An example of an OP character would be Meta Knight from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Usually, the enemy team will blame the defeat on someone using an OP skill or character.

GG (Good Game)

This phrase can be used both positively and negatively. After a genuinely good match between opposing teams, players may use this term to express that and then kindly part ways or have a rematch. On the other hand, GG can be used either before a match to imply dominance and impending victory, or even during a match to relay imminent defeat.



This is a playstyle that is commonly used to RTS games like Starcraft. A good rush strategy means sacrificing other important early game decisions to develop a low grade attack force to easily overwhelm your unsuspecting enemies. While it’s an annoying playstyle to come up against, it you can manage to defeat the initial rush, you will almost certainly own your enemy for the rest of the game. Unless you’re a noob of course.

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