The 16 Most Violent Video Games Ever (Brutal)



The premise of this controversially dark game is simple. You control a death row convict that gets forced to help an underground director film a bunch of murder scenes. You’ll be challenged to come up with creative and downright brutal ways to kill your targets, which often times happen to be gang members and law enforcement individuals. The game is so graphic that it’s actually been banned in multiple countries.

Postal 2


Your mission is to essentially get from the start to the finish in the most violent way possible. With an arsenal of weapons at your disposal and an endless sea of unsuspecting victims, you can compose scenes of bloody chaos with the few taps of a button. If you’re not happy enough with chopping the head off of an innocent woman, you can continue to hack her body into bloody chunks if you wish.

Gears of War Series


Gears of War practically introduced the concept of sawing your enemy in half as an effective means for progressing through a level or breaching an objective. Combat is filled with blood and gore, flying body parts, and of course blowing your opponent away at point blank range with a shotgun. While extremely violent, this game brings an unrivaled sense of satisfaction as you leave carnage in your wake.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


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Shadow of Mordor may not be the first game that comes to mind, but if you’ve ever played it, then you understand why it’s here. The thrilling combat is chalk full of brutal executions that players have at their fingertips for dealing with the hordes of witless orcs. There is even a special kind of “brutal stealth kill” move that will strike fear into the hearts of nearby enemies and cause them to flee.

Mortal Kombat X


The Mortal Kombat creators are not new to the concept of beautifully orchestrated blood baths. Each of the unique characters comes equipped with seemingly limitless pints of blood, and, of course, extremely detailed finisher moves. No matter how many times you rip the spine from an opponent, the sheer sense of accomplishment after each victorious round never gets old.

Dead Space Series


The Dead Space games are not only some of the creepiest horror titles around, but the brutally incorporated kill scenes (especially if the necromorphs get a hold of you) are top notch. You can almost feel the pain that Isaac is going through as you watch him getting systematically dismembered by the horrific alien lifeforms that plague every shadowy recess. Don’t worry, you get the pleasure of splattering the walls with their “blood” as well with your array of lethal weapons.



Carmageddon is an old title no doubt, but it still stands as one of the most violent video games in history. The objective of the game is to destroy opponents with the sheer force of video game carnage, but you can also commit quite a few brutal acts in the process. Players can voluntarily run over pedestrians and animals for “extra points” while on their mission to be the champion. This is another game that was actually banned in a few different countries.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Call of Duty games don’t come to mind initially when you think of the most violent video games, but this addition to the series makes the list for a good reason. In one of the story missions named “No Russian”, players play as part of a terrorist group that invades an airport and begins to mow down crowds of helpless civilians. Pretty much everyone’s worst fear when the go to an airport. The realistic feel makes this mission a touchy subject.

God of War 3


The God of War series has long been cherished for its brutal, fluent combat. God of War 3 shines, in particular, here because of the gorgeous graphics introduced at the time on the PlayStation 3. Kratos comes with a nasty variety of death dealing moves, but few will forget the scene where he kills the god Poseidon. You can practically feel his hatred through the screen.

Thrill Kill


In case you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this title, it’s because it was canceled by Electronic Arts prior to being shipped out for sale. The premise of the game was four players fighting to the death in a small, enclosed room. Due to the extremely graphic nature of the game and strangely sexual finishing moves, the game was called off for being too violent.



MadWorld will forever go down in history as one of the most stylish and violent games released on the Nintendo Wii. You control a character as he literally slaughters his way through a gruesome game show called DeathWatch. What games the game particularly brutal is the black and white artwork in contrast to the bright red blood that gushes endlessly from your victims. While it’s an old title, it will not fail to provide plenty of entertainment and violence.

Grand Theft Auto Series


The awaited Grand Theft Auto finally makes its appearance on this list. Arguably one of the most controversially covered games (that wasn’t banned or canceled), Grand Theft Auto introduced players into a wonderful sandbox world where crime runs rampant. You can kill anyone, hijack cars, solicit hookers, and of course, brutally murder cops. The game got plenty of media coverage where numerous parents expressed their strong distaste.

Soldier of Fortune


Back in 2000 when this game was first released, few were able to compete with the sheer level of gore that was incorporated. The cutting edge damage system allowed for extraordinary kills in which you could reduce your target to nothing more than a few bloody stumps. If you’re a fan of absolutely wrecking enemies, this is the game for you.

The Darkness II

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These games were crafted from the popular comic books and were sure to include all of the creepy executions. Controlling a character that wields the powers of “darkness”, you can use your vicious tendrils to carry out terrifying kills filled with spraying blood. Oh yea, it gets better. You can also eat the hearts of your enemies to grow stronger and heal.

Ninja Gaiden Series


The Ninja Gaiden games are no strangers to the art of dismemberment. Equipped with blades capable of mass destruction, few enemies stand a chance. Resilient enemies will continue to come at you (even if they’re reduced to nothing more than severed limbs) upon where you can quickly finish them off and move on to the next group of willing victims. The controls and combat are extremely fluent, making for one visceral experience.



As it turns out, not too many arcades responded positively to the idea of purchasing a game based around torturing innocent people. Chiller is an old school arcade game that in which the player takes control of the torture chamber “master” if you will. You’re challenged with the sick task of seeing how quickly and effectively you can kill the victims with the use of pretty much any means necessary.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG!


The number one spot on our list goes to the Super Columbine Massacre RPG. It’s pretty much exactly what the title implies. You control the shooters of the Columbine high school mass murder and witness what they did, as well as some assumed experiences that led them to commit such a terrible act. The game gained a massive number of downloads after the strongly opposed media coverage.

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