Top 5 Bestselling Video Games Ever

Super Marios Bros. (1985) – 40.24 million copies sold

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Super Mario Bros. released for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems in 1985 a year after the best-selling game to date Tetris. Despite this, it dominated the 1980’s gaming scenes. In the game, the player controls Mario who has to overcome obstacles and NPCs in order to get to the end of each level which is represented by a red flag. The game also features a 2 player feature where the ‘Player 2’ controls Luigi helping Mario travel through the Mushroom Kingdom in order to save Princess Peach. The game has been described as ‘pioneering’,  ‘highly influential’ and as the ‘greatest game of all time’. The game inspired a legacy that has sold in total 528.522 million copies making it the best-selling game series to date. 

Grand Theft Auto V (2013) – 70 million copies sold

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Grand Theft Auto V was a total hit and since its release, it has topped the best-selling game charts and it doesn’t seem that it will be stopping doing that anytime soon. And I believe that soon it will overtake Wii Sports for the 3rd spot and who knows maybe even Minecraft. It is the fastest selling entertainment product ever, it generated $1 billion worth of sales in its first three days of release.  Also consider that this list does not consider any DLC’s or microtransactions, therefore, GTA V is one of the most profitable games out there if not the most profitable. 

Wii Sports (2006) – 82.78 million copies sold


Wii Sports is a sports game developed by Nintendo for its Wii console. It was a revolutionary game for its time, it allowed players to play sports with their body (and the joystick) adding a new social aspect one that no games at the time could deliver. It was the Pokemon GO of its time, many Wii Sports clones have been created the best selling one being the Microsoft version for the Xbox Kinect, however, none have sold anything close to the Wii Sports numbers. The game helped boost Wii sales and make it one of the best selling consoles ever. The game consists of 5 sports which are tennis, baseball, bowling, boxing and golf. 

Minecraft (2011) – 107.86 million copies sold

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Minecraft one of the two indie games on this list, developed by Swedish programmer Markus ‘Notch’ Persson which he fully developed with his company Mojang. The game is a totally sandbox with the only identical thing being the ending of when *spoiler* you have to kill the Enderdragon. In September 2014 Mojang (the company that owns Minecraft) was bought by Microsoft for US $2.5 Billion. 

Tetris (1984) – 495 million copies sold

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Tetris is the best selling puzzle video game by far, despite being first released in the golden era of video games in 1984 designed by Alexey Pajitnov and Vladimir Pokhilko on the System 16 Arcade Machines. Since then it has had many reincarnation it has been licensed by Ubisoft for a remake and also by Microsoft for a remake for its Xbox consoles. The game came number 1 in  Electronic Gaming Monthly’s 100th issues special “Greatest Game of All Time” and also second place in IGN’s “100 Greatest Video Games of All Time”.


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