15 Reasons Why Net Neutrality Is Important

Quality – #1

Without net neutrality, the internet companies will be able to decide the speed of the internet by creating a cartel that is lowering the quality but charging the same price or even more.

Censorship  – #2

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Internet companies will be able to slow down thus worsening the experience of certain websites and apps or even blocking them which will allow a small group of people to control what can be published on the internet.

Hurt Entrepreneurs & Startups – #3

Removing net neutrality will mean that certain websites will be able to negotiate more favourable speeds by internet telecom companies, for example, if there was no net neutrality big websites such as Facebook and Twitter may not exist as existing less efficient and less enjoyable to use alternatives such as MySpace will be able to dominate. Removing net neutrality will remove the level playing field and put up massive barriers of entry which is essentially destroying the beauty and the reason behind the success of the internet that anyone can start up and potentially be super successful using just a computer and an internet connection.

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It’s Just For Profit – #4

Since Internet Neutrality laws were adopted around the world internet telecoms have been battling to remove them by launching countless of lawsuits and funding the political campaigns of politicians that will be their chess piece in helping remove the Internet Neutrality laws.

Too Much Power – #5

Removing Net Neutrality will give internet companies too much power and its what they want, they will be able to control what people can do online and to be successful you will have to go through them. The internet is also the fastest growing market and having a small group of firms control it will damage the economy.

Bye Bye Consumer Choice – #6

With net neutriality, only the big and ‘teacher’s pet’ firms will be available to consumers meaning an obvious lack of choice but also a drop in quality as there will be no competition so a bad product will be good compared to everything else that is really bad. It will also mean an increase in price.

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Premium Payers – #7

The way net neutrality is going to work is that there will be fast and slow lanes, so websites instead of running normally depending on their optimization will be on purposely slowed down in order for you to pay to be in the fast lane and your site to run at normal speed. This is very important as it will reduce the quality of your site and will also affect your Search Engine rankings.

Few Will Benefit – #8

The only ones who will benefit from this are the internet telecom companies and their management as I doubt the wages of their basic employees will be increased at all. It has no benefit to consumers or the other internet users.

Big Opposition – #9

All big websites and technology firms have criticized the appeal of net neutrality by internet companies. Reddit has changed their logo in order to protest against Net Neutrality for months now, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook has said that net neutrality is important and Google has written a blog post about it criticizing the attempt to repeal net neutrality.

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Internet Social Classes – #10

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There will be a situation if net neutrality is removed that there will be social classes on the internet of people who want to create content, with famous people and big companies getting priority where the average person will be looked down up as insignificant and penalized for no reason.

Their Argument – #11

The argument of the internet telecom companies and their cronies is that they want to ‘maintain the free market’ with their argument that people could just switch to another internet telecom company, however, things don’t work that way as they are only four or 5 internet companies in the USA and if all decide to be shady and exploit their consumers you have no choice, the only thing you can do is stop using the internet.

It’s About Fairness – #12

The reason for net neutrality is for fairness and its what the internet is built upon and destroying that will be game changing with no one knowing the outcomes but all internet companies and websites are criticizing the removal of net neutrality.

Whatever Happens – #13

Whatever happens in the appeal vote for Net Neutrality it will be very controversial, and I will predict from now that eventually, net neutrality will come back and what even better might happen is that new internet telecom firms that don’t interfere with net neutrality will come and take all the consumers by offering cheaper and faster internet.

Turning It Into A Political Issue – #14

We should not be making this a political issue, Republican vs Democrats on each side trying to win just to win. Instead, we should be fighting for the good of the internet and the collective benefit of everyone and not let a few big corporations and paid politicians to divide us based on our political allegiances and support their money grab.

American Values – #15

The people wanting to remove net neutrality are arguing that net neutrality is not a free market so they want to remove it and set the rules themselves. This is absolutely a flawed point and whoever says it is either honestly a bit dim or will benefit financially from this. A free market cannot be a free market if there is a massive barrier to entry into the market and if you have to pay to be at an equal footing with another firm, this is a controlled market with the internet firms able to constrict anything they don’t like or agree with and it goes against everything that American values of liberty and freedom are built on.

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